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Learn To Row

Best Practices

Filippi Canada's suggested Learn to Row Program

The following information is part of a Best Practice Scenario in the sport of rowing in the category of Learn to Row.  We are gratefull for the past opportunity of being involved with such a project while working as a rowing club manager.  Delivering safe programming is the responsibility of each Club, the following table is a suggestion of best practices.  Filippi Canada is proud to support and encourage the growth of rowing at all rowing clubs across Canada and at every level.  



Skills and drills

Lesson 1

Safety for Rowing & Boat Handling 

On land

Lesson 2

Using the Oars

Squaring and Feathering, Intro to balance, Intro to posture, Pushing and pulling, Loaded role ups

Lesson 3

Introduction to Posture and Balance Skills

Rocking the hips, Hand circles, Double slap, Alternate slap, Rigger dips, Standing rigger dips, Individual strokes

Lesson 4

Begin to Master Posture & Balance Skills

360 turning, Loaded role ups, Stroke length within limits of posture, Linking strokes

Lesson 5

Oar Skills, Posture and Balance Skills

360 turning, Rowing backwards 5 strokes, Rowing forward 5 strokes (acceleration)

Lesson 6

Progression 1 Balance and Posture Skills

Collecting tennis balls, 10 strokes with acceleration, 10 strokes on 1 minute off (acceleration)

Lesson 7

Progression 2 Balance and Posture Skills

10 strokes on 30 seconds off, 10 stroke mini races (acceleration) Individual crew

Lesson 8

Progression 3 Balance and Posture Skills

 100 meter races (multiple crews)


There is more information required to make this program a success.  Please contact us directly and we will be happy to share the full details of this program, including but not limited to budget, promotion, timing, resources, number of participants etc.... We are happy to share and there is no charge for the information.  We hope this program will become a pilar of success for your club.