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F80 1x Coastal Rowing

F80 1x Coastal Rowing

Athlete 70/100kg

The new boat of choice for sea lovers.

A true jewel conceived thanks to outstanding engeneering project and made by high-tech material such as carbon fiber and titanium.

The rowers rowing Filippi Coastal boats have not to change their way of rowing but they can discharge all their power into the sea as on an Olympic rowing boat and furthermore, because of this, all the rigger parameters such as height, span and oarlock to the bow can be set in order to have perfect ergonomics.


F80 1x Coastal rowing:

Length 5.85m

Width 79 cm

Athlete 70/100kg

Fitted with ALIANTE Aluminium Wing Rigger

F80 1x Coastal Rowing-2088_Filippi_Boats_Canada_F80.jpg