Welcome to Filippi Boats Canada Inc.

We are the proud distributor of these incredible boats for the Canadian market. We look forward to connecting your passion with that of Filippi.  Filippi Boats Canada Inc. has access to the full line of world leading Filippi products, from Training boats, to Coastal boats, and Para boats or the classic Filippi Racing boats, we've got something exceptional for you.  Each Filippi is hand made and as such requires enough lead time to ensure production prior to shipping.  Please contact us well in advance to ensure we can deliver exactly what you are after.  At this stage Filippi Boats Canada Inc. aims to have a container arriving to our location in Knowlton, QC each spring or fall depending on demand.  We are equally proud of our partnership with Croker Oars.  To combine Filippi boats with Croker oars is simply excellent!